A team of chefs, bartenders and front of house from Trullo and Padella made a trip down to the idyllic Westwell vineyard near Ashford in Kent. Westwell is managed by a magical and inspiring collection of folk, comprising of viticulturalist Marcus, husband and wife team of winemaker Adrian and illustrator Galia, their weeny dog Inky, and their master taster daughters – both under 11!

Adrian and Marcus met and found their common ground in progressing English wines beyond the sparkling status quo whilst working together at Davenport, before coming together in earnest to work on the vines at Westwell in 2017. In the middle of the garden of Eden, under the increasingly scorching late August sun, they grow Ortega, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir varieties with a minimal yet rational approach to intervention, to outstanding and impressive effect in the chalky soils of the south of England.


We are super excited about supporting the amazing expressions of these grape varieties and Adrian’s interpretations of them on the wine lists at Trullo and Padella – particularly because we are taking them on in key-keg form, which allows us to get some seriously exciting wine out to customers in a way which drastically reduces our carbon impact as wine drinkers, and at a much more affordable price.


Watch this space for more exciting wines coming out of the unassuming yet brilliant hot-house of English wine that we found at Westwell and onto our lists at Trullo and Padella.