The Trullo Cookbook is now available


Now a #No1 Best Seller, the Trullo Cookbook is available to purchase online. 

Recipes include some of our favourite Italian classics, but the majority are our very own, Tim Siadatan's creations, trialled and tested on the menu at Trullo over the years.

This book is about serious cooking but without the seriousness. It’s not difficult, and on the whole, it’s not particularly time-consuming – it’s just about attention to detail and taking note of the easy techniques that maximise flavour, or create unctuous, silky pasta sauces.

The recipes are for the home cook, to show that you can create luxurious, show-stopping feasts – like a slow-braised lamb shoulder cooked with peas, potatoes and mint in just one tray – that will not only have you jumping from foot to foot as they come out of the oven, but that require a minimum of prep work and washing up. And you can still feel like you’re eating food in a proper Italian trattoria without splashing out: a simple plate of Tuscan pici (made from just flour and water) is as frugal – and delicious – as it gets.


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